It’s Not Just the Leaves That Are Falling

Late fall and winter are the seasons for some of nature’s most severe weather. One of the dangers businesses face during storms is falling trees and limbs. For instance, if a branch crashes through a company’s roof or windows during a natural disaster, rain can pour in and ruin computers, printers, fax machines and other office equipment.

To determine if trees are at risk of falling during a storm or strong wind, watch for these signs:

  • Tree branches with V-shaped forks, which can split more easily than branches with U-shaped forks.
  • Indications of structural weakness, such as peeling bark or gaping wounds in the trunk, that can make the tree more likely to fall.
  • Trees that are in contact with power lines, putting your business at risk of power outages, fires and other damage should the tree fall.

If any of the trees around your business pose a danger to your business or employees, take the proper steps to remedy the situation:

  • Have branches or trees that are broken or in danger of falling removed.
  • Have trees pruned to control size and growth direction to protect your employees, customers and property. Be aware, however, that over-pruning can weaken trees.

Taking care of the trees around your business can prevent unnecessary and expensive downtime. Make sure that leaves are the only things falling around your business.

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