What to Do When... Your Business is Burglarized

It’s a business owner’s worst nightmare: someone breaking into your business, leaving you and your team with no computers or office equipment. What should you do to prepare for such a scenario?

Create a Burglary Response Strategy

First, recognize that burglary response strategies require planning and coordination. Think about how you might react in a burglary situation and create a plan of action. Incorporate this strategy into your business continuity plan and make sure your coworkers and employees are apprised of the action steps they’ll need to take in the event that your business is burglarized (e.g., calling the police, taking inventory, etc.).

Have Important Equipment and Resources on Standby

To prepare for such a serious disruption, determine what equipment and resources are crucial to continuing your business’s operations, and then contact your disaster recovery services provider to make sure they have duplicate equipment and resources at your disposal.

If any of your equipment is stolen, you can use the equipment provided by your disaster recovery service while you are attempting to recover your stolen equipment or negotiating with your insurance company for funds to replace the equipment.

With proper planning and preparation, your business doesn't have to suffer extended downtime in the event that it is burglarized.

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