What to Do When… You’re Putting up Lights for the Holidays

The holiday season brings not only warm feelings of cheer to your staff, but the potential for an electrical fire. Flickering lights, warm wall switches or outlets and lights that dim when other appliances are turned on are some warning signs of fire hazards.

So before hanging up your business’s holiday lights this season, we recommend observing the U.S. Fire Administration’s safety tips below.

  • Inspect decorative lights for:
    • Frayed wires
    • Bare spots
    • Gaps in insulation
    • Broken or cracked sockets
    • Excessive wear
  • Don’t overload electric circuits by plugging long strings of lights into one outlet.
  • Check your fuse box to see how many amps each circuit can handle.
  • Invest in a surge protector strip if you need multiple outlets to plug in lights.

To make sure that chestnuts are the only thing roasting over an open fire this season, visit here for more holiday safety tips.

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