How to Draft the Best Disaster Recovery Solutions

Next month, each of the 32 NFL teams will participate in the draft by selecting from a pool of eligible players to improve their game in the coming season.

At first glance disaster recovery and football don’t have much in common. However, just as NFL teams research players' yearly stats before presenting them with a contract, you should evaluate your disaster recovery solutions’ yearly performance to determine whether or not they're meeting your recovery needs.

Look at the Stats

NFL team owners and coaches make performance predictions based on a player’s college stats because they're good indicators of future performance.

In the same way, the flexibility and functionality of your recovery solutions during tests or previous disaster events reveal how efficiently you will be able to restore your business operations during future disaster events.

Standardize the Criteria

Each year the NFL holds a scouting combine where college players are invited to perform physical and mental tests in a standardized setting. This puts every player on the same field, so to speak, so that NFL teams can directly compare their agility, strength, etc.

If you find that any of your recovery solutions are not up to par, before selecting a replacement solution, ask yourself why the solution is not working. It could be that it is not meeting recovery time objectives, employee needs or budget requirements. Whatever the reason, once you determine why the solution isn’t working for your company, work with upper management to develop standardized criteria that must be met by future solutions.

Prioritize Your Players

In the draft, NFL teams take into consideration the potential benefit a player will add to their team before making a final decision.

When prioritizing your business’s recovery needs with your budget, base your decisions on the results of your research and testing, and select the recovery solutions that will benefit the critical processes in your disaster recovery plan the most.

Your disaster recovery plan can only be as strong as its weakest solution, so think critically, do your research and draft the best solutions to make your plan a winner.

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