What to Do When… Management Doesn’t Think Disaster Recovery Planning Is Necessary

There are few businesses, if any, that are immune from natural disasters, and none are immune from system failures. Yet there are still business executives that don't see the value in disaster recovery planning. Convincing management of the importance of disaster recovery planning can be a difficult sell, but here are a few tips to get you started.

Emphasize the Financial Benefits

Point out how a strong disaster recovery plan protects the bottom line by preventing downtime and helps win new business by demonstrating to customers that you will be available to meet their needs no matter what.

Use Industry Regulations to Your Advantage

In certain industries it is mandatory for specific disaster recovery measures to be in place. Educate yourself on the disaster preparedness regulations for your industry, and call attention to the legal ramifications of not adhering to these guidelines.

Create a Disaster Recovery Plan That Is Specific to Your Company

The type of plan you design will be influenced by your company’s culture and structure. Truly understanding how your company operates will help you shape a plan that is less likely to meet resistance.

Meet with Both IT and Business Executives

Business executives and IT professionals are often not on the same page. A good disaster recovery plan takes both IT requirements and company objectives into consideration.

Helping executives see the necessity of disaster recovery planning doesn’t have to be impossible. For more tips on what to say, click here.

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