What to Do When...There Is Too Much Snow

On December 12, 2010, the roof of the Metrodome in Minneapolis, MN collapsed, forcing the Minnesota Vikings to relocate their game to Detroit. The cause of the inflatable Teflon roof's collapse? A hefty helping of snow. Snow carries a lot of weight that can weaken your roof's structure and leave you vulnerable to collapse. Below we have listed some things you can do to prevent your roof from caving in.

    snow drift on roof
  • Inspect your roof. Most roofs are built to support the weight of 2 feet of packed snow. Unless your roof is accessible from the ground, clearing snow can be very dangerous. So if think you that you have accumulated more than 2 feet, call a professional to remove the snow.
  • Check your doors and windows for warning signs. If your doors pop open or stick your roof is carrying enough weight to alter the frame. Similarly, if your windows are hard to open, snow may be trying to make its way indoors.
  • Look for leaks and cracks. Cracks or severe leaks in your ceiling are obvious warning signs of a roof collapse.
  • Use your ears. If you hear creaking, cracking or popping sounds, evacuate your building as soon as possible.
Read more about how to prevent snow from weighing down your roof here.

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