Terrorist Threats Prompt DR Planning for Sochi Winter Olympics

The Sochi Winter Olympics is just around the corner, and with threats from the weather, traffic and even terrorists, multiple countries have created plans to give attendees and Olympians the highest level of safety possible.

Of course these threats are unpredictable, but that hasn't kept Russian President Vladimir Putin from making a plan to handle each one.

The main threat of the Winter Olympics is terrorism, after two separate bombings in the city of Volgograd heightened awareness and concerns just months before the Olympic games. With at least five suspected terrorists in Russia, security is at its peak. During the Olympics, there will be 40,000 officers surrounding a 1,500-square-mile security zone around Sochi, and the U.S. military will make air and naval assets available if Putin requests aid.

Disaster recovery plans are essential for any company or event, and we can’t stress the importance of combing through the details enough:

  • Test your plan and all its moving parts before you actually have to use it.
  • Know who to contact if a certain part of the process goes awry and confirm that personnel know what to do.
  • Make sure the scale of your plan matches the scale of the potential disaster.

Check out our Disaster Recovery Plan Checklist to make sure you haven't left out any important steps.

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