How to Prepare for Your Phone Systems Going Down

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Voice communication technology is one of the top five expenses for businesses, yet it's not uncommon for management to fail to have procedures for restoring voice systems in the event of a major disruption.

A loss of internal/external communication can disable an organization, so we've outlined some best practices for you to keep in mind when including voice system restoration in your disaster recovery plan.

Don't Leave Employees out of the Loop

  • Let employees know you have an emergency response plan.
  • Establish a clear protocol for communication.
  • Develop a list of employee personal phone numbers and email addresses.
  • Continually update lists and make sure current emergency contact information for employees is on file and accessible.
  • Use a variety of communication channels to provide information such as bulletin boards, intranet pages and email.

Use a DR Vendor That Provides Voice Recovery Services

Your chosen vendor should:

  •  Allow you to declare use of equipment without restrictions on what constitutes a disaster declaration.
  • Deliver office technology within your recovery time objective.
  • Be available on demand.
  • Provide both setup and support for the duration of the disaster.

Prepare for the Unexpected 

  • Keep backup copies of system and voicemail databases, instruction manuals and other documentation, and store backups in a secure off-site location. 
  • Incorporate automatic call distribution services. In the event of an interruption, reroute your main phone number redirected to an alternate phone system so you won't lose incoming calls. Have backup phone operators in case your primary operators are unavailable.
  • Document disaster recovery plans that provide step-by-step procedures to restart and recover voice communications systems and networks. Regularly test these procedures to make sure they work. (Check out this video to learn about the importance of testing your DR plan.)
Get more information about protecting your voice communications system here.

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