BC/DR for Small, Medium and Large Businesses — Part 2

In Part 1 of our three-part series, we evaluated how the business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/DR) needs of small businesses differ from the needs of medium and large companies. Now it's time to turn the spotlight on medium-sized businesses. 

Typically, medium businesses have anywhere from 100 to 1000 employees, meaning they can assign specialized job functions, such as BC/DR planning, to members of management rather than outsourcing a consultant.

Medium businesses also tend to have slightly larger budgets than small businesses, giving them a few more options when it comes to selecting BC/DR solutions. For instance, they can afford to outsource more services, which in turn helps strengthen their BC/DR strategy. Here are the services we recommend for medium businesses, along with a few reasons why they're important.


During a disaster, you have to recover as quickly as possible — and you can't do that when your information has been compromised in a server failure. Almost half of all businesses that do experience an IT disaster don't attempt to reopen, and nearly 80 percent fail within one year. So having a data backup and restoration solution that isn't too time-consuming on the front end or too difficult to execute after a disturbance is a must.

cloudA cloud solution, such as Rentsys' BlackCloud vaulting and recovery, enables you to rapidly back up and recover data within a secure and flexible infrastructure. In the event of a disaster, a cloud solution can also reduce your recovery time objectives (RTOs) and enable you to continue business as usual — no matter what type of business interruption comes your way.

Using site-to-site replication, BlackCloud allows you to minimize your downtime after a disaster by vaulting your data to an off-site location at a predefined interval (e.g., every 15 minutes, hourly, nightly or in real time). Because your data is sent directly to our recovery location, you can recover within a few minutes or hours depending on the replication setup.

Mobile Recovery Centers (MRCs)

As many as 40 percent of businesses fail after experiencing a disaster. Without proper recovery strategies in place, your business could be at risk. To make sure you can continue business after a disaster, consider including an alternate work environment in your recovery plan. A Mobile Recovery Center (MRC) is the most flexible option.

Rentsys' MRCs can be delivered within 24-48 hours to any location you specify after a disaster. They can be configured as command centers, data centers, claims facilities, bank branches or general workspaces. You can get back to business quickly while proving to your customers that you're reliable and efficient.


We've said it countless times: When a disaster strikes, you have to be fully prepared to recover. Even if your BC/DR plan includes an alternate workspace, such as a Business Recovery Center (BRC) or MRC, your RTOs and cost of downtime may dictate that you need your systems up and running within minutes or hours of a disaster.

Colocation rack spaceColocation rack space allows your business to place equipment directly inside a secure cabinet within our BRC. You can then deploy a replication solution to ensure your production systems are in sync with your colocation (i.e., backup) systems.

When a disaster strikes and your primary production environment is no longer available, the colocation systems will become production systems so your company can be up within minutes.

Visit our website for more solutions to include in your BC/DR plan and check back next month to see the best recovery options for large businesses!

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