BC/DR for Small, Medium and Large Businesses — Part 3

In Part 1 and Part 2 of this three-part series, we discussed the best disaster recovery options for small and medium businesses, respectively. Our final topic is BC/DR for large businesses.

We live in a world where you, as a large business, must protect your company from both planned and unplanned outages to preserve your brand and shareholder value. With deeper pockets and more manpower than both small and medium businesses, you have a wider range of BC/DR options. You have the capability to outsource nearly all recovery activities, but having more employees reduces the need for everything to be outsourced.

Taking these two factors into consideration, we've mapped out the best BC/DR options for large businesses.

Business and Mobile Recovery Centers

SkyscrapersWe've already mentioned that our Business Recovery Centers (BRCs) and Mobile Recovery Centers (MRCs) are beneficial for both small and medium businesses, but they're also a good recovery option for large businesses. As a large business, you can't afford to take a break if a disaster renders your facility unworkable. To continue business operations, consider using a BRC or MRC as an alternate facility.

If a disaster strikes your building and it's unsafe to work in, you can continue business in one of our fixed-site BRCs. This is the best option for an alternate workspace if you and your employees must relocate and need a facility equipped with voice and data technology, as well as office resources. Our BRCs will provide the hardware and technological infrastructure to ensure you can resume daily business.

If your employees must stay near home, a mobile facility may be a better option. Our MRCs can be deployed to any location you specify, which prevents your employees from relocating. The mobile units will be configured with the data and communications you require so you can continue business as usual and serve your customers during or after a disaster.

Professional Planning Services

Although your business may have a BC/DR specialist, it's still tough for a single employee to cover every aspect of BC/DR planning and testing. To make sure nothing is left out of your BC/DR strategies and processes, consider hiring professionals to review and offer recommendations on your plan.

One of the benefits of using professional business continuity consultants is that they'll provide your BC/DR planner with updates on government and industry regulations so you can be sure that your plan meets the relevant requirements. They'll help you design your BC/DR plan, define process dependencies and assign recovery team tasks. By outsourcing these duties, you can be sure that you cover every contingency in your plan.

No matter the size of your business, it's crucial to be prepared for a business interruption. Download our disaster recovery plan checklist to make sure you cover every possible solution. As soon as you have an idea of which solutions you'd like to outsource, contract your recovery services so you're prepared before a disaster strikes.

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