If Your BC/DR Strategies Were a Football Team...

Football season is in full swing, so we’re starting to see which teams are championship worthy and which teams are just scraping by. That got us thinking: If your lineup of business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/DR) solutions were a football team, how good would it be? Much like the players of a football team, your BC/DR solutions have important tasks independently, but the goal is to get them all working together to win the game (or to recover successfully from a business interruption).

Businessman in football helmet with footballTo make sure your BC/DR efforts are well integrated and cohesive, you have to make sure you’ve got the basics of a successful football team: offense, defense and special teams.


The goal of the offense is to move the ball closer and closer to the end zone in order to score a touchdown. To keep your forward momentum, you need offensive strategies. If your offense is made up of the right solutions, your company can continue to efficiently score touchdowns — such as successful recoveries.

Offensive Lineup of Solutions
  • Cloud Vaulting and Recovery — Protect your business from data loss by saving a copy of your critical data to a secure, private cloud. If your servers fail or crash, you'll be able to access your information via the Internet and continue moving toward the goal.
  • Compliance Testing — To test your BC/DR strategies without interrupting daily work, consider testing them in a cloud environment. This will help you determine any kinks in your plan before you're in a real disaster. When a business interruption does occur, you'll be equipped to handle it efficiently and minimize business downtime.


No matter how good your offense is, at some point you may need to rely on your defense. If your defense isn’t on point, the opposing team will crush you. In the business world, downtime has put plenty of companies out of business — but you don’t have to let it defeat you. By implementing a solid BC/DR plan, you can fight back against downtime and resume business quickly. 

Defensive Lineup of Solutions
  • Network and Voice Recovery — To continue business after a disaster, you need a backup network and communications infrastructure. Consider using a network and voice recovery solution that can be delivered to any location and configured to your specifications (such as a mobile recovery unit equipped with voice and data connections), so you have flexibility in case of an unexpected business interruption.
  • Alternate Workspace — When your building is hit by a disaster, it's sometimes left unworkable. Consider a Business Recovery Center or Mobile Recovery Center to avoid shutting down your business. An alternate work environment will allow you and your employees to get back up and running after a disaster.

Special Teams

Offense and defense typically get all the glory in football, but the special teams players are keys to the success of a football team. In BC/DR, the solutions that are used in the midst of a business interruption typically get most of the praise, but there are a set of behind-the-scenes solutions that are vital to the continuity of your business. 

Special Teams Lineup of Solutions
  • Continuity Manager Software — Planning for a disaster requires a lot of resources and time, so it's important to do everything properly. With planning software designed specifically for BC/DR efforts, you can efficiently plan your disaster recovery strategies and assign tasks to recovery team members. By using software to assist in your planning, you can be sure that you don't leave out anything crucial.
  • Professional Planning Services — The constant changes in compliance requirements make it tough to keep your BC/DR plan current. By hiring a professional planning consultant, you can be sure that your plan complies with the ever-changing federal regulations and avoid hefty fines.
With these players on your team of BC/DR strategies, you’ll be able to recover quickly and efficiently from a disaster. For more BC/DR planning tips, download our checklist.

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