The Importance of Implementing a Voice Call Recovery Solution

If the voice communications network went down at your office today, would you be able to recover your phone systems quickly and efficiently?

A lineup of business telephonesVoice connectivity is a crucial factor of a business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/DR) plan, because not having the ability to receive or deliver calls negatively affects your company’s ability to do business as usual.

For instance, if a large part of your employees’ jobs involves talking on the phone with clients or prospects, not having a functioning voice communications network slows their productivity.

By the time you get your infrastructure back up and running, your staff could be forced to work overtime to deal with a backlogged workflow, incurring unnecessary expenses for your business.

In addition to the financial strain of being unavailable by phone, your prospects and clients might view you as unreliable if they can’t reach you to have their concerns addressed promptly, which could damage future client relationships.

A comprehensive BC/DR plan should include steps for implementing a voice call recovery solution during a business interruption. For tips on how to keep your voice network up, check out our post "How to Prepare for Your Phone Systems Going Down."

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