[Webinar Recap] Aligning IT Disaster Recovery With Workplace Continuity: Do You Know What the Options Are?

Closeup of phone, computer, keyboard and mouseThis week we hosted a webinar with the Disaster Recovery Journal. The session addressed a topic we’ve seen cropping up more and more these days: “Aligning IT Disaster Recovery With Workplace Continuity: Do You Know What the Options Are?”

The Two Essential Components of Business Recovery

As Rentsys National Sales Manager David Tedford explained during the webinar, two of your business’s mission-critical assets are its systems — such as office technology, communications hardware and business continuity planning software — and its people.

You need both to fully recover, but sometimes your IT recovery time objectives (RTOs) just aren’t in sync with your workplace recovery capabilities. This is especially the case now that at least 63 percent of businesses have an RTO of less than 24 hours [PDF], whether due to operational needs or compliance requirements.

Bridging the Gap Between IT Disaster Recovery and Workspace Continuity

[Chart] IT Availability Continuum
Finding the right disaster recovery (DR) solution is not typically an issue. After all, most people who manage their company’s DR strategy are familiar with the IT availability continuum, from traditional backup on the low-cost, low-RTO end to server and storage clustering on the higher-cost, short-RTO end.

You know how to recover your systems, applications and processes, but what about your employees?

As David pointed out during the session, you can find workspace continuity solutions that correspond with IT recovery solutions in terms of RTO. For example, a modular workspace has a similar recovery window as traditional backup. On the other end of the spectrum, a virtual desktop interface solution can keep up with the short RTO of server and storage clustering.

To hear about the available workspace solutions, the pros and cons of each and examples of real-life applications, view the webinar here.

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