Highlights From InformationWeek’s 2014 State of the Data Center Survey

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InformationWeek recently released the results of a survey of 217 data center managers and decision makers at organizations with data centers of 1,000 square feet or larger. The findings reveal that virtualization and private cloud solutions are on the rise, and organizations want secure data storage and application infrastructure solutions that can scale to accommodate data center growth.

Below are a few highlights from the survey.

Virtualization and Cloud

  • 46 percent said 50 to 90 percent of servers will be virtualized by the end of 2015. This transition is driven by factors such as business continuity and disaster recovery, operational flexibility and agility, and high availability/service clustering.
  • 34 percent are prioritizing private cloud and if they haven’t already implemented it, they’re on the way there.
  • 48 percent said 0 to 9 percent of new applications use public cloud services.

Data and Application Growth Management

  • The prevailing expectation (54 percent) is that demand for data center resources will grow somewhat as compared to last year.
  • When running new apps, 56 percent would rather add servers and virtualize rather than pursuing alternatives such as building new facilities, relying on SaaS to avoid application hosting or repurposing existing hardware.
  • The top requirements for application infrastructure are reliability and availability, security and data protection, and flexibility to rapidly meet new business needs.
  • The number one reason for investing in an appliance rather than a separate server and software is that all hardware, software and support are included in a single product bundle.

Top Three Challenges to Data Center Operations

  • 10 Gbps or greater network technologies
  • Storage growth
  • Constrained budget

To access the complete survey results, visit informationweek.com.

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