[Webinar Recap] Business Continuity Myths Revealed

Business Continuity Myths Revealed Presentation SlideWith all the business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/DR) services available on the market today, staying operational after a business interruption should be easy, right? That depends on your strategy.

If you’ve ever found yourself saying any of the below statements, you’re buying into some of the most common business continuity myths out there.

10 Most Common Business Continuity Myths

Myth #1
I have business impact insurance, so I don’t need BC/DR services.

Myth #2
I back up my data to the cloud, so it’s protected.

Myth #3
We don’t have the budget to buy an IT DR solution, so it’s more cost-effective to build our own.

Myth #4
My employees can always work from home if anything happens.

Myth #5
A reciprocal agreement with a neighboring business gives us access to backup workspace when we need it.

Myth #6
We have another facility where any impacted employees can work.

Myth #7
We’ll use our cell phones during an outage.

Myth #8
We can call an OEM to get any backup equipment we need.

Myth #9
We can’t afford to test our BC/DR plan often because testing disrupts our daily operations.

Myth #10
Our IT department already does DR testing, so we don’t need to do a full-scale exercise.

During our recent webinar with the Disaster Recovery Journal, our national sales manager, David Tedford, explained why these statements are myths and what you can do to protect your organization.

The webinar is over, but you can listen to the full recording here.

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