How Familiar Are You With Hurricane Terms?

Hurricane season is rapidly approaching. To adequately prepare for whatever storms might head your way, it's vital to familiarize yourself with common hurricane-related terms, courtesy of NOAA.

Tropical Disturbance: A loosely organized area of thunderstorms that remains in an area for 24 hours or more.

Tropical Depression: An area of low pressure characterized by rotary circulation of thunderstorms with winds of less than 39 mph.

Tropical Storm: An unorganized area of low pressure and thunderstorms with distinct circulation and winds of 39-73 mph.
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Hurricane Watch: Hurricane conditions are possible in the designated area within 48 hours.

Hurricane Warning: Hurricane conditions are expected in the designated area within 36 hours.

Hurricane: A pronounced rotary circulation with wind speeds of 74 mph or greater.

Storm Surge: An abnormal rise in sea level usually caused by a hurricane. Storm surge height is the rise in sea level caused by the storm.

The progression of a tropical disturbance into a hurricane can occur quickly. Without the proper protection, hurricane damage could be devastating. If you see a tropical disturbance in your area, stay updated on local weather reports in case a hurricane forms. Begin to board up your windows, prepare for flooding and back up all important data.

If a hurricane develops and is projected to reach your area, follow evacuation plans and prepare for roads to be crowded. For a comprehensive pre-hurricane plan, review our hurricane preparedness checklist.

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