What Shark Week Can Teach Us About BC/DR

Roy Scheider's character in Jaws captured the essence of Shark Week in a single line of dialogue more than 10 years before Discovery Channel starts its annual block of shark-focused programming. After Jaws pokes his head above the surface of the water in one scene, a stunned Scheider slowly walks backward to the boat's cabin and tells Robert Shaw's character, "You're going to need a bigger boat."

You might find yourself uttering Scheider's famous line while preparing your company for a disaster. Whether you're planning for natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes or tornadoes, or backing up crucial data from your business's servers, there will probably come a time when you think you're going to need a bigger boat.

With Shark Week coming to a close, here are a few things you can learn about business continuity and disaster preparedness from some of the interesting shark news over the last week.

Get Educated

Discovery Channel's Shark Week has caught some criticism over the years for becoming more entertainment-focused than educational, but one Illinois girl is thankful she tuned in before taking a trip to Florida. Ashlyn Gilpin, a high school freshman, was attacked by a shark in May at Cocoa Beach and credited Shark Week with teaching her how to react during the attack and not make it worse.

Knowing what to expect in a disaster is crucial to preparing your business for making it through a bad situation. Just as Gilpin benefited from watching Shark Week, you can benefit from participating in educational programs such as webinars, reading trade publications or learning from other professional in your industry so you know how to prepare for and react to a disaster.

Be Protected

Drought conditions and high salt levels in coastal waters have contributed to an increase in shark attacks along the Eastern coast of the United States, so what's a water lover to do when their local beach is being stalked by Jaws? An Australian company designed shark-repellent wet suits that camouflage swimmers from a shark's limited vision capabilities.

While it doesn't offer the same protection as swimming in a shark-proof cage, the innovative wet suits are a means of protecting yourself while still enjoying shark-haunted waters. Just as the wet suits let swimmers carry on as usual, you company's data needs to be protected in a manner that doesn't disrupt daily business. Backing up data to a secure, private cloud is an easy way to ensure critical information stays secure and also offers a way to quickly rebound if a system goes down.

Get a Bigger Boat

Scheider was on to something when he suggested getting a bigger boat all those years ago. In June, U.S. Coast Guard captain Ben Chancey was fishing for grouper in Florida when a shark knocked him from his kayak and sent him quickly swimming for a nearby support boat. Once the shark stopped attacking the kayak, Chancey was able to return to his undersized ship and reel in the shark for a big catch.

While Chancey was able to finish landing the shark back aboard his kayak, he was still at a disadvantage in the small boat. Had the much bigger support boats not been nearby, Chancey would have been in a much more perilous situation, stranded in the water with several sharks. When a disaster strikes your business, you can recover quickly with the help of a backup facility such as a Mobile Recovery Center or a Business Recovery Center. Having access to an alternate facility can help you rebound and reel in the biggest fish.

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