[Webinar Recap] Crisis Communications: The Modern Do’s and Don’ts

Crisis Communications: The Modern Do's and Don'ts Presentation Slide
In today’s world, disasters such as cyber attacks and data breaches are becoming routine. At the same time, social media is transferring the role of reporter to its users, who are able to broadcast their version of the news as it unfolds — accurate or not. So how do you protect your business from a crisis?

Jeffrey Bell, partner for Gallatin Public Affairs, and Brandon Tanner, senior manager for Rentsys, addressed this topic in the recent Disaster Recovery Journal webinar “Crisis Communications: The Modern Do’s and Don’ts.”

As Jeff explained in the presentation, having the proper communications plan and tools in place gives you more control over the outcome of a crisis. In fact, the goal of an effective crisis communications plan is to enhance your company’s reputation.

To find out how to prepare your organization for a crisis, check out the recording of the webinar here.

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