DRaaS Can Unlock Revenue Potential for Resellers

Restaurant cloche with cloud computing symbolIf you’re a reseller and haven’t added disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) to your portfolio, you could be missing out on vast revenue potential. Here are two reasons why.

Fewer Businesses With DR Plans Means More Opportunities for You

Surprisingly, 49 percent of businesses have yet to implement a comprehensive business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/DR) plan. While this doesn’t bode well for those organizations, it means resellers have a wide-open door for successfully selling DRaaS services.

For companies that are just getting started with DR — and even for those who already have a DR plan in place — DRaaS solutions are an easy in. The solutions offer easy implementation, access to vendor expertise, fully managed IT infrastructure and the ability to meet recovery time objectives of as little as less than two hours. Gone are the days of having to build out a redundant environment in-house. More companies are realizing this fact, and the market is expected to grow 739 percent during the span of 2015 to 2020. Take advantage of this momentum early on.   

Businesses Are Prioritizing Strategic Objectives in IT Spending

According to research by IDG Research Services, most organizations aren’t pouring money into maintaining or improving the value of legacy systems anymore. Instead, they’re investing in technology that can help the business meet key objectives. These objectives include improving the customer experience, managing costs, increasing operational efficiency and mitigating risk.

When it comes to mitigating risk, security and BC/DR projects are two of the top technology initiatives currently underway. As an IT reseller, you’ll experience the most success when your solution portfolio aligns with these business drivers. Because DRaaS has the ability to reduce downtime, enable more efficient DR testing, adhere to compliance requirements and more, organizations will find that it’s a good fit for their strategic objectives.

Realizing these benefits, we recently added a DRaaS solution to our reseller program. To learn more, read this press release and visit our Partners page.

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