[Webinar Recap] Cyber Breach Exercises: Bringing IT and the Business Together

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Cyber attacks are one of the most prevalent forms of business interruption in today’s tech-friendly world. Currently, many businesses are fighting back by spending more on new technology to boost their cybersecurity. However, developing a sufficient response strategy to combat cyber attacks can be difficult since IT, BC/DR and crisis management have individual processes.

In our most recent webinar, Brandon Tanner, Rentsys senior manager, and Philip Bigge, VP of consulting services for Ripcord Solutions, provided insight on how to design exercises that help your business create a business-wide, cohesive cyber breach response strategy. Some tips from the webinar include:

  • Unify attendees in one location.
  • Separate attendees into teams with members of the same departments on separate teams (so every team has members from each department).
  • Create a balance of leaders and employees within each team.
To hear more, listen to the webinar here.

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