How Can Cybersecurity Help Grow Your Business?

Business Success GraphAs cybercrime increases, cybersecurity is necessary for safeguarding a business, but the budgets allocated to it reflect that it’s not a spending priority. According to the 2015 Global State of Information Security Survey, cybersecurity budgets only rose by 24 percent from 2014, despite a 38 percent increase in detected information security incidents.

Now what if we told you that cybersecurity wasn’t just a cautionary expense but an investment?

With the growth of data analytics and the digitalization of business functions, businesses are able to offer online services that allow them to easily reach new markets. This digital growth requires an expanding computer network, which means higher cyber risk.

To take advantage of technical innovations that make growth possible while minimizing risk, your business should implement a dependable and easily adaptable approach to cybersecurity. This approach involves two key elements.

Centralized Security Platform

Centralizing your network security simplifies network management and increases network efficiency by integrating security applications like anti-virus, intrusion detection and protection, and Internet traffic monitoring rather than contracting several security solutions. Integrating these functions minimizes security gaps that occur when several applications are running on the same network.

When your company streamlines security applications, system updates are efficiently deployed across all security functions rather than updated individually. With more cohesive system updates, an integrated network security solution allows you to prepare for or respond more quickly to cyber threats. Focusing management efforts on an efficient cybersecurity platform can enable your business to grow into new markets without sacrificing functionality or risking confidential data.

Employee Training

Your business exposes itself to threats like ransomware if your employees aren't properly educated in simple cybersecurity practices. In the Global State of Information Security Survey, employees remain the most cited source of compromise at 22 percent. Promote a culture of security within your business by educating employees on how to avoid cyber threats in their everyday work activities.

Cybersecurity education teaches employees security best practices like how to create more secure logins and recognize phishing emails. Your employees should also know to report immediately to IT when they think a device is affected by ransomware. Investing in an interactive training program can improve employee cooperation to help protect your business from cyber attacks, which could impede your business’s growth.

Streamlining security management efforts and promoting a culture of security within the company serve as investments in business growth by making it possible to enter new markets without unnecessary exposure to cyber attacks.

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