Don't Wait. Communicate.

Family looking at digital tabletSeptember is National Preparedness Month, and the timing couldn’t be better. The Predictive Services National Interagency Fire Center predicted a fire season of above-normal risk [PDF], and Hurricane Hermine made landfall on the Southeast coast on Friday.

When disasters like these strike, every second counts. That’s why the Red Cross has chosen “Don’t Wait. Communicate.” as the theme of this year’s National Preparedness Month. After all, you might have a perfectly plotted preparedness plan for responding to disasters, but that plan is useless if the right people don’t know the details of those plans. It’s also important for people to be able to communicate with each other in the midst of a disaster.

For tips on creating a family game plan, visit, and then check out thisblog post for tips on how to include communications in your business continuity and disaster recovery plan.

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