[Webinar Recap] How to Create a Crisis Response Strategy That Will Bulletproof Your Reputation

Tips for Involving the Public in Crisis Response PlanningIn today's social media-driven world, a company's actions during a crisis can make or break its reputation in an instant. According to a study from Deloitte, 87 percent of executives rate reputation risk as more important than other strategic risks. Equally compelling, 41 percent of companies that experienced a event with a negative impact on reputation reported a loss of brand value and revenue. Having a positive relationship with your community is a key way to boost your reputation, and forming your crisis response strategy with this in mind is crucial to the long-term success of your company.

In our most recent webinar, Rentsys Senior Manager Brandon Tanner delved into the importance of the public's involvement in a company's crisis response strategy and its correlation to reputation. Key takeaways from the presentation include:

  • Engage the public in all steps of your strategy — from planning to execution —
     to ensure you're meeting their needs and maintaining their goodwill.
  • Establish communication protocols in advance.
  • Gain executive buy-in through explaining the benefits of building relationships with the community to reduce reputation risk.

To hear more, listen to the webinar recording here.

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