[Webinar Recap] How Cybersecurity Trends Will Affect BC/DR in 2018

Cost of Cybercrime Presentation Slide
In 2017, traditional business continuity threats intensified. In fact, it was the costliest disaster year on record. As if that’s not challenging enough, cyber risk is adding more complexity to business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/DR) planning.

During a recent Disaster Recovery Journal (DRJ) webinar, Michael Barrack, managing director for Accume Partners, and Eric Thompson, information security officer for Rentsys Recovery Services, discussed some of these challenges. They made the following predictions:

  • An increase in billion-dollar weather events will give criminals more opportunities for cyber crime. 
  • Ransomware will continue to target backups.
  • More executives will be held personally responsible for breaches.
  • There will be more collaboration between private and public sectors.
  • Businesses will rethink how they collect and handle data.
  • Cybersecurity talent shortages will exacerbate security challenges.

If you missed the webinar, you can view the recording to see how these trends will affect BC/DR. To read more about some of our predictions for the coming year, check out this post.

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