BCAW 2018: [INFOGRAPHIC] 10 Questions to Improve Organizational Resilience

A business continuity plan is only as good as its execution, right? But what happens when everyone is so immersed in their own worlds that your organization’s priorities aren’t clearly communicated and, as a result, aren’t reflected in the recovery strategy? What if everyone has different ideas about what organizational resilience means? What if they only care about the areas of your strategy that pertain directly to them?

The Business Continuity Institute is calling for a solution to these issues with the theme of Business Continuity Awareness Week 2018: “Working Together to Improve Organizational Resilience.” In keeping with that theme, we’ve created the infographic below to help you break down barriers within your organization. Use the 10 questions to start important conversations on how your business continuity strategy meets and reflects your organization’s goals and mission.

[INFOGRAPHIC] Breaking Down Silos: 10 Questions to Improve Organizational Resilience

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