Is Your Business Prepared for a Tornado?

2017 was a record-setting year in terms of the cost of severe weather damage. With that fact top of mind since we’re in the peak of tornado season, it’s important to make sure your business is prepared for a natural disaster.

Here are some steps you can take to protect your business before a tornado strikes:

  • Have medical supplies on hand. 
  • Purchase a portable AM/FM radio and spare batteries to ensure you’ll have a way to follow weather updates if the power goes out. 
  • Look for the following danger signs: dark, often greenish sky, large hail, low-lying clouds (particularly if rotating) and a loud roar similar to a freight train. 
  • Vault your data off-site and test your disaster recovery systems regularly. 
  • Plan how you’ll reroute phone calls. Consider the possibility that you might not have cellular service in the event of a widespread blackout. 
  • Test your business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/DR) plan and gather employee feedback.

To further prepare your business for the damage a tornado can cause, download our full Tornado Preparedness Checklist.

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