[Webinar Recap] How Business Insurance Keeps Disasters Manageable

DRJ Webinar agenda slideThe world of business insurance can be confusing. To help make sense of the types of coverage available to help you minimize the impact of a disaster, tune in to the on-demand Disaster Recovery Journal webinar “How Business Insurance Keeps Disasters Manageable.” The session was presented by Jim Gleaves, managing director for Wortham Insurance, and Brandon Tanner, senior manager for Rentsys. The webinar answered questions such as:

  • Who are the participants — brokers and insurance carriers — and what are their roles?
  • What does risk management really mean?
  • What are the risks that insurance helps mitigate and the categories of business insurance?
  • What are the terms of insurance coverage and what considerations apply?
  • What is the role of insurance in disaster/business recovery?
Check out the webinar recording here.

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